July 13, 2024, 03:02:47 pm
World of Stunting Rules
At World of Stunting, we take our service seriously and we hope that you can too. We hope to keep the server clean from irritible and annoying problems and we have created a set of rules to ensure that the players of World of Stunting enjoy their time and are not disturbed by abuse, spamming, deathmatching and more. We respect you, so we hope that you can respect our rules and follow them, if you cannot follow any of the following rules for any reason, then we ask you nicely to leave the server and please join another. Each of the rules has a specific reason, and we will explain it as best we can so that you can also understand how important it is that each rule is treated with respect and it is followed while playing in World of Stunting.
No Spamming/Insulting
We consider these behaviours in-appropriate for general reasons, for one, we do not believe it is nessecary to use excess text to get your point accross, remember, there are other people in the server that also want to chat, and it can be difficult to chat to other players if your text is hogging the chat area! Also, we think it is completely nessecary to create a rule for no insulting, for the following reason. We think that insulting someone is an innapropriate action and would like to talk it out rather than cause anger and frustration to you and/or the other players involved. Don't forget that there are also other people playing, and they may also get annoyed that such nasty comments are being made! Have respect and dignity, keep your cool and if you feel frustrated or angry, take a break for a while and come back when you have cooled off, remember everyone gets angry, its the people that deal with it correctly that don't get into trouble!
No Deathmatching
Deathmatching is not tolerated on any level outside of a deathmatch specific area (Currently '/deathmatch'). This rule is here for the simple reason that this is a freeroam/stunting server and it was not made for deathmatching unless of course in a deathmatch area. So if you feel the need to kill someone, please, either enter "/deathmatch" or else quit World of Stunting and join a server which supports deathmatching.
No Hacking
This rule is quite obvious, it (should) exist in every decent SA-MP server. Hacking is a terrible act, not because of what you do with the hack, but because of what you are supporting by downloading the hack. By downloading a hack and using it, you are supporting the person that made that hack, who will make more hacks. In some cases, these hackers have been known to generate whats known as a "Botnet", which is a network of computers that can be controlled remotely, usually by a small group or even one person, this group/person can then use this net to attack servers! How would you feel if your SA-MP server was attacked? Well by downloading hacks, you are actually supporting these hackers by helping them gain more confidence that the damage they are doing is right and that they should try and do even more. So for the sake of the game you love, please, do not download and use hacks in ANY server in ANY game. It can lead to terrible concequences and we are extremely strict on hackers in our server, most of the time if you are caught, you will be banned instantly without any warning, and if you decide to make a ban appeal, you will recieve a much lower chance of getting back into the server, ever again.
No Capital Letters
No, we aren't racist against capital letters, LOOK WE USE THEM RIGHT NOW, however, when people use them constantly in every sentance they type, it becomes very annoying to read and some players may become frustrated that their on chat is not being heard because some other person decides that using capital letters is the best way to gain attention! Well its not, using them constantly is the fastest way to getting punished. We don't mind capital letter sentances every now and then, but there is no need to be doing it every time you type a sentance!
Respect people and play fair
This rule is obvious to most people, to some however it is not. If you want to be respected in World of Stunting, or in any general place, you need to respect the other people that are there along with you. How can you expect to be respected if you don't respect anyone else? Also, if someone randomly insults you, or in general breaks any rule, then you may simply tell them that it is against the rules to do what they are doing, and if they continue it, let an administrator deal with it, nothing else is nessecary as you are not an administrator! Also remember, you should NEVER retaliate, this will only make the situation worse and cause more frustration, you should contact an administrator immediately if you feel that a player is being offensive to you and let them deal with it!